Small packages through to large digital signage deployments

We work with our customers to establish the best solution for their digital signage requirements – providing hardware, software, training and support, installation and management services.   Hydro Media will customise the best possible solution to suit.

What we provide

Commercial grade display screens

We only use the highest quality commercial grade LCD screens from some of the world’s leading manufacturers, designed specifically for digital signage. In comparison to standard domestic television screens, our professional screens can operate for extended periods of time, have a long lifespan, and can be scheduled to switch on and off at selected times. Whether it’s a small single screen, or a large video wall, we can meet your needs.

Solid state media players

Delivering content is crutial to ensuring that screens always display exactly what they’re supposed to, at the correct times, and are never seen with error messages. Hydro Media can provide media players to suit every deployment, from locally run systems to a large network. Our player options can be scheduled to switch on screens, play content at specific times, and provide live shots of the content playing in real time.

Set up and installation

We set up and test all hardware and software prior to any equipment leaving our offices to avoid any potential issues. We call upon experienced technicians throughout New Zealand to provide quality installation of our digital signage equipment. Hydro Media oversees each installation to ensure that screens are safe and secure, whilst still providing the best visability to viewers.

Content design and build

Don’t have time to create any content for your digital screens ? Let us do it for you. Whether it’s basic images, eye catching animations, or professional video production, we can create it for you. We can also assist with campaign ideas, making content effective, and the best ways to reach your target market.